Kenneth Salter was born in Richmond, California. He studied comparative literature, writing and languages as an undergraduate at the University of California, Berkeley: He graduated from U.C., Berkeley's law school, Boalt Hall, where he concentrated on legal history and international law. Upon graduation from law school, he was appointed assistant professor in the Rhetoric Department at U.C., Berkeley, where he directed the department's freshman writing program and established a pre-legal studies program emphasizing persuasive writing, critical thinking, and forensic argumentation.


Later, he joined the faculty in the Communication Studies Dept. at San Jose State University where he taught writing, ethics, argumentation, and critical thinking courses to upper division and graduate students. He was elected Outstanding Professor by the graduating class 3 of the last 5 years he taught at SJSU which were the first 5 years professors were so elected and gave the department's commencement speech. He earned two sabbatical leaves: the first to write the case study of the trial of Dan White and the second to do a comparative law study of how the French jury trial at the French Court of Assizes differs from the American jury trial in criminal cases.


 He is a specialist in legal argumentation and trial strategy and has authored case books on famous American trials. His published books include the trial for the theft of the top secret Pentagon Papers Study by Daniel Ellsberg, the rape/retaliation shooting and trial of Inez Garcia, and the trial of Supervisor Dan White, who shot and killed San Francisco, Mayor George Moscone and gay Supervisor, Harvey Milk. These casebooks on these famous American trials can still be ordered from the author. See the book ordering section.


 Mr. Salter is currently writing historical novels featuring French and Italian immigrants in the California Gold Rush from 1851-1856. The first two novels in the trilogy are in print in English by Regent Press as well as the first in French. See the book ordering section of this web site.


Mr. Salter has practiced international law as specialist in real estate and mining ventures for over 35 years. He is married to a French artist/designer and they live in the San Francisco Bay Area and in France.