An R. C. Bean Murder Mystery



Skip trace investigator R. C. Bean works for a bumbling, alcoholic divorce attorney. He’s asked to trace hidden assets to help their client, Gloria Simmons, defeat a prenuptial agreement. Gloria is the the sexy, scheming wife of a local black, playboy mortician who’s hooked on gambling, drugs and a pretty Asian bookkeeper who’s been installed in his funeral business by Asian drug dealers to monitor a joint venture.

 Things get nasty fast as a drive-by shooting in the mortuary’s parking lot gets covered up and the client’s mortician husband is plugged full of holes at the entrance to the funeral home while R. C. Bean is doing a a bag job inside on the home’s financial records.

 R.C. Bean soon realizes that whoever eliminated his client’s husband is on his trail and the killers seek to rub him out, too. Now begins a rollercoaster-like series of events as R. C. tries to stay a step ahead of his pursuers while trying to unmask the murderers. Has his client, who uses her dark beauty and racy ways to seduce his boss, ordered the hit on her husband? Are she and her attorney lover involved? Are the husband’s Asian drug partners calling the shots?

 The chase for answers leads to the seamy sides of the Las Vegas Strip as R. C. bean uses his street contacts and enlists a beautiful, cinnamon-skinned barmaid to help his solve the murders. Or so he thinks!

This noir genre murder mystery’s plot is packed full of twists, turns and surprises. It will take you on a thrilling, page turning rollercoaster ride that will leave you asking for more.