The text contains the edited transcript of the trial of Inez García who was charged with the murder of Miguel Jiménez on March 19, 1974, in the town of Soledad, California, best known for its maximum security prison. Louis Castillo, Jíménez’s accomplice and Ms. García’s alleged rapist, was the state’s star witness. The text contains the indictments, opening and closing statements, testimony of prosecution and defense witnesses and the explosive testimony of Inez García together with the judge’s instructions to the jury. There is also a commentary and constructive suggestions for study and analysis designed for political science, speech, law, women’s and Chicano Studies classes.



“A major milestone in the women’s struggle. . . . Inez Garcí’s raw courage to strike back against her rapists and her poignant struggle for equality, justice and dignity exposes our complex social, psychological and political attitudes about the crime of rape. A must for Women’s Study classes.”

Inés Gómez

Director, Chicano Affairs Program

University of Santa Clara, CA



“Across the country, womenresponded viscerally to her act. Many began to look to the García trial as a platform for raising fundamental legal and social issues abour tape. . . . Was rape finally to be considered as an act of violence? . . . Was a raped woman going to be allowed the same consideration as, say, a man who kolled after seeing his wife raped?”

Nan Blitman and RobinGreen

MS Magazine

May, 1975



“The most important American trial since the Monkey Trial pitted Clarence Darrow and WIlliam Jennings Bryan. The confliction testimony on the issue of rape and the brilliantly conceived defense by attorney Charles Gary make the text a must for the student of the American jury trial system and any course in legal process.”

Professor Paul Von Blum

School of Law

University of California