An R. C. Bean Murder Mystery



      R. C. Bean now works as a private eye for various attorneys and their clients. Melanie Richards is a graduate student at U.C. Berkeley, who is being pressured by her thesis advisor for sex. Before R.C. can help her, she is brutally murdered in the Campanille on campus. Is she the victim of her jealous husband? Was she silenced by the professor who propositioned her to avoid a scandal or the professor who used her to enact his sexual fantasies?

      Things get nasty fast as R.C. probes the complex, secret world of sexual politics that exists in some university departments, where some students use sex to advance their careers and some professors use their position of power to seduce their students.

      As R.C. penetrates the murky world of sexual predators with the aid of his sexy, college student girlfriend, he realizes that he is being hunted by the killer just like his client.

      The action-packed plot is full of twists, turns and surprises. its dynamic conclusion will leave you asking for more.

 “A loose-lipped romp reminiscent of Chester Himes in which everything, from the dazzling women to the high-stakes lawbreaking, manages to sound both once-in-a-lifetime and absolutely routine.” KIRKUS REVIEW of R.C. Bean’s exploits in Dancing With The Ice Lady.