An R. C. Bean Murder Mystery



      Mindy Rohnert is bored while studying for an exam. She accepts an offer to have a drink from a good-looking fellow she meets in the university library. She has a good time knocking back a few beers with her new friend and his companions at a local watering hole near campus.

      Feeling comfortable and safe with her new friends, she drinks too much and allows herself to be driven to a secluded house in the hills where she meets two more friends of her new acquaintance. Mindy loves the charades and contests she plays with her three new companions. Unwisely, she continues to drink with them until she passes out.

      When she regains consciousness, her new acquaintances are stimulating her sexually. She is unable to resist their advances. Have they seduced her cleverly or was she forcibly raped? The police refuse to find the men who gang-banged her and infected her with the H.I.V. virus because it’s a weak case to prosecute. Mindy expects detective R. C. Bean to find the men who abused her and bring them to justice.

      Thus begins a dangerous hunt for a diabolic group of sadists who prey on naïve and susceptible college coeds. As R. C. Bean unravels the nefarious motives and identities of the murder club members, he and the dazzling women he employs to entrap the sadists become the club’s new targets.

      The sensational plot is riveting and full of bedazzling twists and surprises. This fast-paced, hard-boiled thriller will keep the pages flying faster than a roller-coaster ride and the reader screaming for more.